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Labelling – inline and highspeed

As a logical further development and extension of the product range, Rose Druck has created the possibility of inline application of labels on the front or back cover of a print product.




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Approved sustainable action

For generations we have been committed to sustainability and responsibility in our entrepreneurial conduct. As a family-run company, it is in our very own interest to consider the subsequent generations to follow our footsteps.


We work for a flourishing future for our company, for its employees, for our partners and our environment. This is what governs our every action - and we continue to work on improvement.




Quality Management

Our customers build on our services. Therefore we commit ourselves that they can rely on our quality at all times. To prove that these are not mere empty words, our processes and the interplay of these are described in a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. Rose Druck is committed to a customer-friendly conduct, to a responsible management, to continuous improvement and to cooperative supplier relations for mutual benefits.



Environmental Management –
EMAS-III Certification

Rose Druck is continually improving its energy efficiency in its efforts to conserve natural resources. With the certification of our environmental management system in accordance with EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) we take on the challenge for environment-conscious action and the commitment to sustainability.


EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is the internationally recognized abbreviation for an EC ordinance and describes a system for voluntary environmental management, developed by the European Union. In contrast to the environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard, EMAS carries out and documents a comprehensive inventory regarding the environment (initial and subsequent environmental audits); also, it produces evidence of a continuous improvement in environmental performance.


The audit includes the following aspects: legal certainty; continuous improvement of the environmental performance (energy consumption, emissions, waste and waste water); involvement and inclusion of the employees in the management system.


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EU Ecolabel

“This label is awarded for products and services which have, compared to similar products, a lesser impact on the environment. The EU Ecolabel helps consumers to identify environmentally friendly and healthy products.“  (EU-Ecolabel,


We are one of Europe's first printing businesses to be awarded with this label. This allows us to offer you the manufacture of printed material according to the rules of the EU Ecolabel. Also, we are authorized to stamp these products with the EU Ecolabel provided we utilized approved paper, showing proof of particular environmental friendliness.


The environmental impact of a product has become one of the consumers' most important buying decision factors, ranking third behind price and quality. The EU Ecolabel proves that our products meet all its criteria. The audit involves the entire life cycle of a printed product:

  • Type of paper utilized
  • Use of chemicals in the printing process and their handling according to existing regulation
  • Maximum reduction of emissions and waste
  • Excellent energy management throughout the manufacturing process
  • Recyclability of the finished product
We are happy to be joined by our esteemed clients in our efforts for a better environment and for growing sustainability.
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FSC®, PEFC and Blue Angel

Certification in accordance with FSC® and PEFC for sustainable management of paper and forest products enables our customers to utilize paper from sustainably farmed forests. Consequently, you actively promote the protection of our environment. In cooperation with our business partners we can also provide product stamped with the “Blue Angel“ seal for environmental protection seal.


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Work safety

As entrepreneurs we carry particular responsibility for our employees. In a printing business, health protection and work safety take first priority of course. We assess and further develop both aspects continually in accordance with the latest standards.




Training and apprenticeship

Competent employees in administration and manufacturing represent our know-how of the future. We welcome and support their further education. And for the first time in years we have taken on two apprenticeships: two young persons on their way to becoming an industrial business management assistant ("Industriekaufmann"). We are very happy to make a contribution for our future talents.



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